A biography of daniel pratt a powerful influence on the south

Milledgeville Lowther Hall was also the center of a growing economy based on cotton and the plantation system. The Story of Coal and Iron in Alabama. For the next several years, Pratt built plantation homes for wealthy planters in the vicinity of Milledgeville and Macon.

He may have chosen this vocation because his paternal grandfather, for whom he was named, had become modestly wealthy as a woodworker in Reading. As southerners became increasingly defensive about efforts to abolish slavery or curtail its expansion, and talk of secession rose, Pratt counseled caution, for he feared that his region lacked the industrial resources to win a war of attrition.

Pratt brought in New Englanders, many of whom were either friends or relatives, including nephew Merrill E. He divided his estate between his daughter Ellen and adopted son Merrill, who bought out Ellen in At the age of sixteen he was apprenticed to Aaron Kimball Putnam, a carpenter from the neighboring town of Wilton.

Instead, he remained true to his vision of industrialization as indispensable to a successful future for the region. In Pratt purchased a large tract of land in Autauga County, where he founded the town of Prattville.

View freely available titles: In the face of powerful opposition, he promoted banking and railroads as vital to southern economic development. Prior to the Civil War, Pratt was an ardent member of the Whig Partywhich pushed for the expansion of industry, state aid to railroads, and other forms of internal improvements.

Or were they tools of the premodern planter elite that dominated southern society and commerce? His houses were often two-story, Georgian-plan dwellings with a two-story classical entrance portico and an elaborately carved door surround. In he sailed from Boston, Massachusetts, to Savannahwhere he believed he would find greater opportunities.

What were the roles of industrialists in the Old South and the New South? Daniel Pratt and Southern Industrialization. His interiors included plaster moldings, wood pilasters and wainscoting, carved mantels, and a graceful spiral stair on an axis with the main entrance. He remained active in politics and industry until his death in Prattville in A native of New Hampshire, Pratt first migrated to Georgia, where he gained experience in the manufacture of cotton gins.

The importance of this effort was underscored by the previous loss of other original buildings, which were destroyed by fire on September 10, Additional Resources Armes, Ethel. Pratt was born in in Temple, New Hampshire, to a poor family that provided him with an intermittent grade-school education.

DeBardelebenwhom daughter Ellen had married on February 4, In he supported the Constitutional Union party, and, following the election of Abraham Lincoln, he opposed secession. Although he could have [End Page ] been elected governor, he declined to run because of failing health.

Late inthe company put its Prattville property up for sale, prompting the formation of a local campaign in Prattville to save the historic site, believed to be the longest continuously occupied industrial buildings in the state and perhaps in the South. After the Civil War, Pratt appeared as a prophet whose antebellum words and deeds foretold the promise of the New South.

He preached an industrial gospel of regional self-sufficiency in numerous articles and letters in newspapers and periodicals throughout the South.

Daniel Pratt

Daniel Pratt Inat the age of 20, Pratt earned release from his apprenticeship and sailed for Savannah, Georgia. You are not currently authenticated. Daniel received a limited education and was apprenticed to an architect at age Technology and Culture Pratt was elected to the state legislature in and was instrumental in establishing the iron and steel industry in Alabama after the Civil War — Two years later, he purchased 1, acres of land further up Autauga Creek, where he constructed a permanent factory and founded the town of Prattville.

A biography of daniel pratt a powerful influence on the south

The residents of Prattville worked in factories that produced such diverse products as cotton gins, various kinds of cloth, tin, carriages, wagons, windows, and door sashes. Pratt whom Daniel later adopted as his sonto supervise this workforce and to provide needed engineering and managerial skills.

Griswold would later model Griswoldville after Prattville. As a tribute to his father-in-law, Debardeleben named the mining community near the Oxmoor furnaces Pratt City.

In he moved to Alabama, settled a few miles northwest of Montgomery, and began to build gins that he sold in the expanding cotton belt. After the Civil WarPratt directed his attention to economic development in north Alabama and became involved in building railroads and developing the vast coal and iron resources surrounding Birmingham.

When he died in the Montgomery Daily Advertiser and Mail eulogized him as "a singularly pure and upright man" whose death would evoke "profound sorrow" throughout Alabama.

Griswold initially agreed to the venture but changed his mind because of increasing conflicts between settlers and Creeks in central Alabama.

Daniel Pratt (1799-1873)

A devout Methodist, Pratt sought to build a moral society on the base of an industrial economy.The Conquest of Labor: Daniel Pratt and Southern Industrialization (review) Dwayne Cox Technology and Culture, Volume 45, Number 1, Januarypp.

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LATEST HEADLINES. Nat Geo Moves Forward With Season 3 of ‘The Story of God’ Following Investigation Into Morgan Freeman Misconduct Claims. Daniel Pratt was an industrialist who built Neoclassical-style houses in Milledgeville in the s and then moved to Alabama, where he manufactured cotton gins and founded the town he named Prattville.

Pratt was born in in Temple, New Hampshire, to a poor family that provided him with an intermittent grade-school education.

Daniel Pratt Essay Examples. 5 total results. A Biography of Daniel Pratt a Powerful Influence on the South. words. 2 pages. The Life and Career of American Industrialist, Daniel Pratt. words. 2 pages. The Biggest Influence in the Life of Daniel Pratt.

words. 2 pages. The Significant Influence of Daniel Pratt in State of Alabama. Evans's biography does credit to Pratt. He demonstrates that Pratt lived outside the stereotype of an antebellum southern industrialist who meekly deferred to the planter elite. Instead, he remained true to his vision of industrialization as indispensable to a successful future for the region.

A biography of daniel pratt a powerful influence on the south
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