A review of the play west side story by jerome robbins

Jerome Robbins

Robbins kept the cast members playing the Sharks and the Jets separate in order to discourage them from socializing with each other and reminded everyone of the reality of gang violence by posting news stories on the bulletin board backstage.

I wish I could see it again. Are you open to new perspectives on old ideas or stories? All the fights are highly stylized and divorced from reality. Maria flees to her bedroom, praying that Chino is lying. The plot, about Jews living in Russia near the beginning of the 20th century, allowed Robbins to return to his religious roots.

Theater Review: ‘West Side Story’

The family had many show business connections, including vaudeville performers and theater owners. Director Joseph Haj is behind the more diverse, and inclusive, casting, and his decision to hire Choreographer Maija Garcia to create new moves to represent the groups and tell this story, the story of what it means to be an American, to be new in this diverse and difficult country, and to give voice through movement to many varied cultures.

The book and lyrics were by a team that Robbins would work with again, Betty Comden and Adolph Greenand the director was the Broadway legend George Abbott. Robbins recreated his stage dances for The King and I for the film version.

Anita is furious, and in anger spitefully delivers the wrong message, telling the Jets that Chino has shot Maria dead. Tony stabs Bernardo in the Broadway production. While in Hollywood, he contacted Bernstein, who was in town conducting at the Hollywood Bowl.

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As a result, by opening night on Broadway, none of his collaborators were talking to him. Robbins, though willing to confess to past party membership, resisted naming names of others with similar political connections; he held out for three years until, according to two family members in whom he confided, he was threatened with public exposure of his homosexuality.

Bernstein wrote the music and Smith designed the sets. When the producer of The Painted Veil replaced Gardner with Eleanor Parker and asked Laurents to revise his script with her in mind, he backed out of the film, freeing him to devote all his time to the stage musical.

West Side Story – review

Everyone told us that [West Side Story] was an impossible project The two draw their switchblades and get in a fight "The Rumble". Like his co-star, his vocals were dubbed by Jimmy Bryant. Bernstein had decided he needed to concentrate solely on the music, and he and Robbins had invited Betty Comden and Adolph Green to write the lyrics, but the team opted to work on Peter Pan instead.Dec 23,  · Watch video · West Side Story is the award-winning adaptation of the classic romantic tragedy, "Romeo and Juliet".

The feuding families become two warring New York City gangs- the white Jets led by Riff and /10(K). Feb 27,  · If ''Jerome Robbins's Broadway'' is history, it is history that pulses and reverberates.

The ''West Side Story'' suite alone harks back to Agnes de Mille's Broadway dream ballets even while. West Side Story debuted on Broadway inseveral years after the idea was conceived by Leonard Bernstein and Jerome Robbins.

The concept underlying the play was to transfer Romeo and Juliet to a contemporary setting and present the story as a musical, resulting in an intriguing mix of romance. THE PLAY: The story of Romeo and Juliet is set in s New York, where two rival gangs replace the conflicted families.

West Side Story (United States, 1961)

THE PRODUCTION: Artistic Director Nathaniel Shaw's roots are in dance, and this show gives him a chance to maximize that talent (even though Jerome Robbins' original choreography.

The cast of the Guthrie Theater’s production of West Side Story, based on a conception of Jerome Robbins with a book by Arthur Laurents. Music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, directed by Joseph Haj.

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A review of the play west side story by jerome robbins
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