Adapting to college

Freshmen must choose when and how to study, socialize with new acquaintances, become involved in activities, budget money, exercise, and make time to eat and sleep. If you are distressed you may notice that other students are happy and optimistic.

Over time, your surroundings will become more familiar. Students often need to take the initiative to address their responsibilities for the first time in their lives. Seek out resources on campus that can help you both address problems and get academic or personal support. You counted down to move-in day, but the reality of living away from home can seem overwhelming to new college students.

Adapting to College Life

Having order in your life gives you the confidence you need to succeed at college. The academic advising department is another resources for school-related issues. Have an idea for a future program?

You may want to join a fraternity or sororityor play Club or Intramural Sports. Recognize that relationships take time to develop. Healthy behaviors include sleeping enough, eating nutritious foods, managing your stress, exercising and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

My experience so far has been highlighted by jumping into a couple clubs and meeting so many amazing people here. Even when I visited Penn State, I felt extremely awkward. Your professors and their teaching assistants can help with academic issues that cause difficulty in your adjustment.

You are probably not the only one who is sad and upset. Many students leave high school boyfriends or girlfriends when they go to college. They learn how to balance going to class, participating in activities, completing schoolwork on time, taking care of themselves, and having fun.

It may be very hard to say goodbye at the end of holiday or semester breaks. For example, your roommate may not be your best friend. Reach out to others in your dorm. Before, whenever I went into a predominately college store or restaurant, I just felt sort of out of place and had this sense of not belonging.

I see some of the same people, a lot of the same restaurants and stores that I had driven by hundreds of time in my high school years here. College classes may seem difficult and draining and may involve more hours of studying. A schedule helps divide your time between class, studying, work and social activities.

However, other students may find their academic workloads manageable, but they may not feel comfortable relaxing in their free time. Different Surroundings and Relationships at College Freshmen adjust to new surroundings and relate to unfamiliar people.

Adjusting to college life was pretty rough the first couple days here. Freshmen may also find that their relationships with friends from home are different after time away at school. Some young adults look forward to college, eager to experience more freedom and adventure.

Please share with us via this form. They schedule classes, buy personal items, make healthcare appointments and ask professors or other university staff for help. First-year students may call home frequently especially during their first few months away.

Others may find this freedom strangely unfamiliar or difficult. Plan time to rest, eat balanced meals, exercise and avoid the abuse of alcohol or other drugs.

Join campus organizations and clubs that appeal to you, and meet and interact with others who share similar interests. You may feel you must grow up all at once, which may overwhelm or even depress you.

The extracurricular activities give you a chance to explore new interests or expand your existing passions.Adjusting to College. First year college students formulate expectations about college life long before they leave home.

Some young adults look forward to college, eager to experience more freedom and adventure. Adapting To College. In this lesson, you will. Discover the differences between high school and college expectations. Develop strategies for college success.

Going to college is the first real major life transition for many people, and adapting to college life isn't always easy. While you might have been excited about the idea of starting your classes and making new friends, it might be more difficult than you expected.

It's not unusual to feel lonely. 10 Tips College Freshmen Should Know By Ryan Lytle, Staff Writer | Aug.

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22,at p.m. 10 Tips College Freshmen Should Know college is the first time they’ve been responsible for. The Culture Shock of Adjusting to College. November 13, Initial culture shock. Ouch!

Things begin to go wrong and it takes your student by surprise. The problem may be that your student feels that these doubts mean that she has failed to adapt. Having trouble adapting to college life abroad in the US?

Try these six tips to help you acclimate more quickly.

Adapting to college
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