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Well, how would you describe the way a Scouser normally talks? I just be meself and show them respect cos they show it to me. Would you, would all of you ever change your accent in different company?

It is and not only that it is interesting as well. Way to go, Pete! Can we go back to that a second? Is it, I mean obviously for yourself — you know, not like our chap here, you know, who is 19, he can get on well with youths and stuff - do you find it difficult or do you find it easy to build a rapport with kids?

Explain that, why is that not a Scally? If they can do that or if you can swing it your way it is always a better thing to do. Play football and other stuff like. What did you use to play when you were at school?

This forms part of the guide to gathering a record of how people use language. Anything that we played when we were kids would be antisocial behaviour now.

Where did they get this slang from that they use?

How people use language: Analysis transcripts

What sort of other things do they say? Do you remember being grounded when you were kids? And in years to come these things become even more precious. I did as well. For drinking vodka on the dunnies.

Just the smallest word from Lynnie talking about backslang. Cos, you know… how old are you?

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So I think it goes on sort of, you know, sort of by the shoes. It really is a case for the interviewer, is to make sure you cross through the words as you are going through them.

You could bring people back on track but not until you felt that they had had their say. But common people would! How its been a generational thing? We had broken into the school, mind! You often covered one or two topics that could have been quite sensitive like playing truant or being grounded.

English Language

Yeah, what would you say? So what defines a Scally? How local do they feel? Yes, not being afraid to go with the flow. Obviously with me five or six interviews, that spider diagram is becoming a part of me, I know what is going to be talked about.

I know old Scallies.

And then sometimes they bring out the best stories. Quite broad, quite broad. Lynnie, you work with youths. For a full month and we were not allow to move out.How people use language: Analysis transcripts. Transcript of the Doyle family 'Talking About Language'.

This forms part of the guide to. Coursework Help - Analysing a Transcript watch. Announcements. It depends if you've been asked to analyse transcript features (such as the pauses) or the actual language/tone etc of the transcript.

I can help you once you clarify this English Language and Linguistics with a Year Abroad. Queen Mary University of London. SPEECHES - English Language coursework guide At the bottom of the page, you will find links to memorable speeches. Here are some rhetorical devices and other useful features which you may wish to use in your own speech.

Remember the aim of your speech is to persuade your audience to your point of view: Figurative. I have to analyse a transcript for AS English Language. This will be my second attempt and, although I'm comfortable with the various different features and terminology, I'm really having difficulties in structuring it in an essay.

View our reformed and Ofqual accredited AS and A level English Language qualifications available in England for first teaching from Transcript of the Doyle family 'Talking About Language'.

This forms part of the guide to gathering a record of how people use language.

As english language transcript
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