Contribution margin

Contribution margin is a cost accounting concept that lets a company determine the profitability of its individual products. The contribution margin ratio can be calculated on a per unit basis or an aggregate basis.

Contribution Margin

Direct variable costs include direct material cost and direct labor cost. Weighted average contribution margin ratio equals the sum of contribution margins of all products divided by total sales.

The contribution margin determines the portion of each sale that is attributed to covering fixed costs. Break-Even or Target Income Analysis The contribution margin is an integral aspect when calculating the break-even point of sales or a target level of sales.

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Indirect variable costs include certain variable overheads. This is especially true in special pricing or special order situations where fixed costs are sunk costs and should not be factored into the decision whether to accept or reject.

It is expressed either as total contribution margin, contribution margin per unit or contribution margin ratio. The calculation would be: In contribution margin income statement, all costs are classified between variable and fixed, while in gross profit absorption costing income statement, costs are classified into products costs and period costs.

Variable cost may be direct as well as indirect. The figure will result in a percentage that indicates what percentage of each dollar of revenue is generated to cover fixed costs. To find a target net income, the target amount is added to total fixed costs.

Contribution Margin Ratio Contribution margin is directly related to the contribution margin ratio. Finally, a business can use contribution margin to resolve bottlenecks.Contribution margin (CM) is the amount by which sales revenue exceeds variable costs.

It is the net amount that sales ‘contribute’ towards periodic fixed costs and profits. Contribution margin is a cost accounting concept that lets a company determine the profitability of its individual products.

The phrase "contribution margin" can also refer to a per unit measure.

Contribution margin
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