Dualistic development thesis

Although the trend is changing since for example The Gambia has a female vice president and Liberia a president, but yet still they are discriminated and marginalized at different angles of the socio-economic strata.

Therefore we were used as dumping grounds for their unwanted goods in their possession. The working age group has to spend a large proportion of their income on more life supporting issues such as food shelter and clothing.

This causes development bias in the urban sector leaving behind the rural society since most of the policy formulators are residing the cities. For instance the civil war of May between Hausa Fulani Northern and Christian Ibos of the Easthas resulted in disastrous consequences.

This has resulted in more international dualism and inequality.


Although Dualistic development thesis dualism can be considered more serious, one will also agree that domestic dualism also posts a threat to the development process of any given nation.

These mechanisms, which are maneuvered directly or indirectly by the more developed countries, by their very functioning, favor the interests of the people manipulating them.

dualistic development

Not only does the West contribute to global inequality and underdevelopment of the third world in a direct manner such as colonialism but also indirectly as the false-Paradigm model portrays, which shall be discussed underneath.

It led to a situation where by our young and dynamic youths who would have taken up the responsibility of contributing to our economy been used to enrich other countries.

Also those that are above 65 years most of the time need support from the same group. As a result as time goes on, it leads to the domination of these areas by industrialized countries as the consequence of different economic and technological levels due to the exploitation of the third world Dualistic development thesis unequal power potentials resulting from different growth levels with that of the imperialist.

Therefore one can say that IMF and WB were primarily promoting it to satisfy the needs of the West by helping the people in the West and reducing their government subsidies in food items to the detriment of the masses in the third world.

Development in dualism concepts is the suppression of the traditional sector by concentrating on and expanding the modern sector.

The anticipated trickle-down effects hardly ever happened. All the western leaders are trying to put their interests on top of others and even go far by exploiting the masses to enrich their countries.

But in the end they suffocate or condition the economies of the less developed countries…. Development in dualism concepts is the suppression of the traditional sector by concentrating on and expanding the Dualistic development thesis sector.

This will help minimize inequality. This has contributed a lot to the underdevelopment of third world countries and has also increase dependency and global inequalities.

In details, the strategies vary. For example, the productivity gap between workers in developed countries and their counterparts in most LDCs seems to widen with each passing year. S himself assign another person to do that job and finally they succeeded by replacing Lumumba with Mobutu who was directed by the use of the remote control of the U.

A very some amount of their income will be directed to health and education, which are core values to development. These can be argued in the light of the IMF and WB experts and the policies they directed to the third world.

As Koffi Annan former secretary general of the UN in his handing over speech ceremony on the 11th December coded Mr. Lasana Konteh of Guinea Conakry. After 20 years of implementing SAPs, our economy has remained weak and vulnerable and not sufficiently transformed to sustain accelerated growth and development.

This is what we lack in this world at this moment. The international dependency theory blamed the world economic grouping and called for its restructure in order for the third world to benefit whiles neoclassical believed that there is too much state interference and called for the rolling back of the state, and promote a free market so as for development to take place.

By looking what development entails, one will realize that this will lead to underdevelopment since a huge percentage of the population are left behind and falls into poverty, and development calls for total changes in the lives of all the people, leaving nobody behind.

Several authors stress the dualism of specific factors. For example on gender blindness of policy makers, neglecting the rural areas, i. Annan, and he declared: The modern sector can be considered an economic enclave of industrial countries, and its multipli-cator and growth effects will benefit the industrial countries but have little effect on the internal market.

A group of 24 francophone African countries shares one executive director also a group of 19 Anglophone countries shares one executive director.

The productive employment of these labourers in the modern sector would increase the total production of the economy and hence priority of investment in industry is necessary. This has led to the more dependence on the West by the third world since there are two economic grouping in the world: Examples of such conditionality are privatization, market liberalization, downsizing the civil servant, etc.

Concentration on the modern sector led to an increasing regional disparity, rural urban migration, urban unemployment, a decrease in agricultural production, and hindrance in industrial development because of a lack of purchasing power in the rural areas.

The longer our leaders stay in power the more likely they will become corrupt. But the means will not be force but persuasion, not mere constitution of independence, but recognition of interdependence, not the mere balancing of interests but the pursuit of justice.“Modern” Industrial Sector • Higher K/L, more modern technology than traditional sector (tho often low by rich country standards) • Result: Higher productivity and incomes.

For the dualistic development thesis interesting related discussion, see Churchland on eliminative materialism,pp. Specific aspects of suicide prevention that will be emphasized will include the unique role of pastoral caregivers in suicide prevention and the development of a theology of suicide.

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Michael P. Todaro New York University Stephen C. Smith The George Washington Univrsitjy The Dualistic-Development Thesis Conclusions and Implications Dualistic Development and Shifting Lorenz Curves: Some Stylized Typologies Dualistic-Dependence ThesisDUALISTIC-DEPENDENCY THESIS Also the Dualistic- Development Thesis Implicit in st 5/5(1).

The Dualistic Development Thesis The interrelations between the superior and from ECONOMICS developmen at Shandong University.

Dualistic development thesis
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