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A criticism of the evolutionary explanation of group aggression is that it can be argued that it is particularly reductionist because it ignores the day to day experiences that occur when developing aggressive behaviour such as social learning theory SLT observing a role model being aggression and potentially being rewarded — vicarious reinforcement.

SLT and deindividuation would be an alternate explanations for group aggression which is not taken into consideration with the evolutionary approach. Cases of extreme torture and mutilation cannot be explained by the evolutionary approach, especially when the person is no longer a threat.

This is a bad thing because some people choose not to be victims of their EEA and ancestors evolving.

AQA Psychology A Level Past Questions For Psya3

A weakness of the evolutionary approach of group aggression is that it lacks scientific evidence. Neural and hormonal mechanisms in aggression, including the role of the limbic system, serotonin and testosterone.

This ebook is for your own personal use only and must not be shared, uploaded or any of its contents distributed in any form as it is subject to copyright. It literally has made this topic that simple. Social psychological explanations of human aggression including the frustration-aggression hypothesis Social learning theory as applied to human aggression Deindividuation explanation of aggression Institutional aggression in the context of prisons: Group aggression is seen as war, whereby one group attacks another in order to gain territory and resources.

Please read the FAQ if you have any queries as most questions are answered there. It also gives group members a greater chance of survival and the chance to show off their bravery as a warrior to attract mates.

This proves that aggression would be a greatly valuable and necessary to display from an evolutionary view. The acquisition of these resources would enable to survival of the group and future offspring. The evolutionary approach argues that this is a direct response of xenophobia because the in-group in competing against outsiders with a threat of stealing territory in modern day this would be leader board scores etc.

However, it is not fully reductionist because it does take into account biological elements. This theory is based on the idea that aggression has been developed to ensure survival of the group and is passed on through the generations.

A strength of the evolutionary approach is that a study by Foldesi supports this.

AQA Psychology Unit 3 7182 Aggression Model Essay Answers

Thankfully thats where my model essay answers for aggression come in. Another big criticism is that the evolutionary approach is deterministic because it takes the view that humans are evolved to behave in aggressive ways. This ebook covers the following topics as per the new spec: The evolutionary approach has been argued to be post-hoc, therefore meaning it is difficult to test.

It was found that there was a positive correlation between the number of violent incidents occurring and outsiders competing against the home team in football matches. Evolutionary explanations of human aggression. The ethological explanation of aggressionincluding reference to innate releasing mechanisms and fixed action patterns.

Group aggression as a response to xenophobia would ensure protection of resources and increase chances of survival and reproduction of the group if they are successful. Another criticism of the evolutionary approach of warfare is that it fails to explain why extreme cruelty occurs when aggression is supposed to be about protecting territory and increasing chances of mating.

Therefore, it low in validity and reliability and makes sense that explanations other than evolution would better explain aggression in groups. This ebook has broken down the specification and identified every possible essay question you can be asked for unit 3 Aggression and presented to you model essay answers for every single one with plenty of theory and evaluation points for you to source from to revise and structure your own essays.

It blames our EEA for us being aggressive.Does anyone happen to have any A-grade model answers? I'm quite crap at essays, so I would really appreciate if you guys could share some essays, A-grade model answers for PSYA3 and PSYA4 (AQA A New Spec) watch.

We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make. Jan 25,  · I self-studied AQA Psychology in Mid to scoring A* and % in A2, heres a quick video on my latest book which gives you my model A* essay answers.

Start studying PSYA3 Essays. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AQA Psychology Revision For A2 Psya3. Therefore the tactic here is to create model essays for your list of possible questions you have created, model essays that source enough theory and enough evaluation to score full marks or close for each question.

You then practice these essays over and over until they stick and you can recall them. AQA PSYA3 - Aggression Complete Essays This is a complete collection of the PSYA3 aggression essays for AQA.

I sat this exam in June and these were the essays I learnt word for word. What My Psya3 Gender Book Covers: This book has model essay answers written by myself (an A* student who scored % in both Psya3 and Psya4 – Certificate here) which covers every single possible full essay question in the specification for Psya3 Gender.

I created these A* essays to ensure there is enough theory (AO1) and evaluation (AO2/AO3) to get you into the top banding of marks.

Psya3 model essays for children
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