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Gatorman9 18 April I just finished screening this movie for the first time after putting it off for a number of years because of what seemed like equivocating appraisals from some of my friends.

Was this review helpful? And writing, already noted, has been Pulp fiction movie review essay by many, and only equaled by a select few. Its hodgepodge of violence, mayhem, and generally deviant behavior is an assault on the senses, not to mention political correctness.

As in that film made way back inand as another reviewer has suggested, perhaps its special appeal - its unusually high degree of emotional impact - lies in its distinctly successful simultaneous application of several different genres in a single film - drama, action, dark humor - with the whole thing bound together by essentially flawless execution in every department.

Irrespective of audience sensibilities, however, the film-makers, supported by superb acting in every role, manage to create a world full of the most fascinating sleazy characters possibly ever to appear on screen.

And somehow even after years of parody and terrible rip-offs, it holds its own and- as one can say after seeing it at a midnight screening- holds its audience as much as it had the countless times before they saw it or if they are, the first time.

It has loyalty among low lifes, and many other odd characters that are all bad and not one is a villain or hero.

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Martin Landau, the best supporting actor winner that year, was terrific and funny in Ed Wood, but Jackson was perhaps the most commanding screen presence in film history as the bible-quoting, godfearing hitman.

Rumors of a prequel involving Jules and Vincent John Travolta have been floating around lately. As at least one other reviewer noted, when the film ends you are actually disappointed, left craving more of these crazy people and their explosive lives.

The fact that he was denied an Oscar is a downright shame. How much else is there to talk about it after all these years? If Quentin Tarantino wishes to regain the fans he lost with the dissapointing but still pretty good Jackie Brown, he should get to work right away. Sign in to vote. It also gets better with each viewing, especially if one of those happens to be on a big theatrical screen where all of the BIG compositions get bigger and more detailed.

Fundamentally a truly outstanding movie, it is a must-see for anyone who considers themself a film buff and can handle graphic subject matter. Also, the acting is always something to behold as by turns straightforward, over the top, subtle, and just downright menacing and spot-on.

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But I am so impressed that I feel compelled to add a few specific observations to the many fine reviews already on this database.Outrageously violent, time-twisting, and in love with language, Pulp Fiction was widely considered the most influential American movie of the s.

Director and co-screenwriter Quentin Tarantino 94%. Review: Pulp Fiction Essay Movie Review: Pulp Fiction Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction is one of the most daring, puzzling, and ultimately exciting pieces of cinema to hit the screen in years. As wholly original as it is a copy of hundreds of films before it about tales of hit-men and criminals, it dares you to step out of the dull and enter.

Jun 10,  · Dialogue drives Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction,'' dialogue of such high quality it deserves comparison with other masters of spare, hard-boiled prose, from Raymond Chandler to Elmore Leonard.

A review of the phenomenal new Netflix show starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. The movie's circular, 4/4. Sep 10,  · Pulp had you gripped and credited the audience with intelligence. There is not a line of wasted dialogue and the movie incorporates a number of complexities that are not immediately obvious.

It also resurrected the career of Grease icon John Travolta and highlighted the acting talent of /10(M).

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Pulp Fiction Essay Words | 4 Pages. Ethical Values in Pulp Fiction Pulp fiction is a movie filled with drugs, violence, gambling, and pop iconography, describing how real-life society is going towards the “death of god” era; a life without morals. The violence of Pulp Fiction is essential to its aesthetic; though he knew that many would complain, Tarantino meant the audience to laugh.

His appealing and familiar presence brings just the feel of movie nostalgia Tarantino wanted. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK.

Pulp fiction movie review essay
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