Short essay on liberation war of bangladesh

Although, before it did, on the 14th December, more than intellectuals of the country including teachers, professors, doctors, poets, engineers, lawyers, journalists and writers were rounded up in Dhaka, blindfolded and massacred only to the intentions of making sure of that this nation could not stand up on its two feet.

The last and forth group was the only hated ones as to them all that mattered was to be nothing but loyalist to their Pakistani masters, just to make themselves saved from the fates of those they decide and for some it was just for the rewards. The war began after the Pakistani military junta based in West Pakistan launched Operation Searchlight against the people of East Pakistan on the night of 25 March The Indian state led by Indira Gandhi provided substantial diplomatic, economic and military support to Bangladeshi nationalists.

The Bangladeshi Declaration of Independence was proclaimed from Chittagong by members of the Mukti Bahini — the national liberation army formed by Bengali military, paramilitary and civilians.

Liberation War of Bangladesh - Part 2

The first group was the ones who were the bravest and were willing to strike or deflect any preemptive strikes to deflect the countries defenses.

India joined the war on 3 Decemberafter Pakistan launched preemptive air strikes on North India. In spite of the major Bengali speakers, there were some who spoke Urdu. The Pakistan Armywhich had the backing of Islamists, created radical religious militias — the RazakarsAl-Badr and Al-Shams — to assist it during raids on the local populace.

Now, a country which in a close timeline of one year having most of its intellectuals and true leaders dead with a country full of illiterate and millions of innocents murdered.

There were many Bengali soldiers in the Pakistani army and with sheer luck they saw through the darkness and cruelty of the Pakistani soldiers and joined the Liberation War if not willingly then with complete uncertainty and insecurity.

The majority of member states in the United Nations recognised Bangladesh as a sovereign nation in The Pakistan Army regained momentum in the monsoon. So, the question at hand how did Bangladesh came to be the country it is today, by name or by its delinquent reputation in corruption?

An academic consensus prevails that the atrocities committed by the Pakistani military were a genocide.

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Although East Pakistan had the largest population among all the provinces, it had much less political power than West Pakistan.

The Reasons for war: Both East and West Pakistan remained united because of their religion, Islam. They wanted their own countries. This day has been remembered since then and is observed each year to emphasize the importance of the Bengali language. Any Senior Pakistani officer unwilling to go along with the proposition to kill innocent civilians were relieved of their duties prior to the attack.

Osmani and eleven sector commandersthe Bangladesh Forces waged a mass guerrilla war against the Pakistani military.

Liberation war of Bangladesh

The third group were those who hope everything to be okay, but were neglected to the fact of supporting the liberation was and the freedom fighters in any way.

Also the affliction that had been done to the country in 9 months ruthless killings and unorthodox destruction of objects and properties. There was a big argument about this because only the Muhajir in the West and the Biharis in the East spoke Urdu.

The struggle finally culminated into the war of independence. There was almost no common ground keeping the country and its administration together but the religion itself. With air supremacy achieved in the eastern theatre and the rapid advance of the Allied Forces of Bangladesh and India, Pakistan surrendered in Dacca on 16 December Thousands of Bengali families were interned in West Pakistan, from where many escaped to Afghanistan.

Led by General M.

Bangladesh Liberation War

Understanding the situation at hand around 8: Bengali members of the Pakistani civil, military and diplomatic corps defected to the Bangladeshi provisional government. Rural and urban areas across East Pakistan saw extensive military operations and air strikes to suppress the tide of civil disobedience that formed following the election stalemate.

East Pakistan therefore disagreed; seven students were killed in a fierce protest on February 21, Pakistan itself was composed of two different parts, the eastern wing known as East Pakistan and the western wing known as West Pakistan. These war criminals are known as Razakars.

To them, it did not matter as long as they were alive and their careers were unaffected. The seeds of this whole big tree was slowly sown on August 14, when the Indian subcontinent was divided in three parts on the basis of religion to form two nations, India and Pakistan.

There were always people, who even now, have different cultures, traditions, religion, and language known as the tribal. And thus, the war for liberation commenced.

The Sheik gave a speech on March 7, when he urged the people to turn all their homes into a fort of fight. More Essay Examples on War Rubric It is that Bangladesh would not be a 3rd world country if not for the liberation war.During the Liberation War of Bangladesh, everyone was a freedom fighter and did his best to help the Mukti Bahini.

Eventually the Mukti Bahini gained strength and efficiency and kept the occupation forces in extreme embarrassment. Bangladesh Liberation War, By: Alburuj Razzaq Rahman 9th Grade, Metro High School, Columbus, Ohio The Bangladesh Liberation War in was for independence from Pakistan.

India and Pakistan got independence from the British rule in. Jan 20,  · Paragraph: Liberation War The people of Bangladesh discovered their identity through the Language Movement in The struggle to establish their identity and national spirit began soon after when they realized that under Pakistan created on the two nation theory they was little scope for the distance culture of Banglees to flourish.

The Bangladesh Liberation War in was for independence from Pakistan. Due to discrimination in economy and ruling powers against them, the East Pakistanis vigorously protested and declared independence on March 26, under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

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Short essay on liberation war of bangladesh

The bangladesh liberation war is quite a rare and popular topic for. "India Pakistan War " also known as "Bangladesh Liberation War" was as armed conflict between India and East Pakistan against West Pakistan.

The war resulted in massive defeat of West Pakistan and secession of East Pakistan which is now known as Bangladesh.

Short essay on liberation war of bangladesh
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