Should drugs be legalized be william bennett

Ed Janice Neulieb, et al. The truth is, People are going to use drugs regardless if it is illegal or not.

Drugs Should Their Use and Sale Be Legalized

Legalization will dramatically reduce crime. Bennett attempts to puts a negative spin on exactly what needs to be done. If someone really wanted to use drugs, would they wait until it was legal to do so? War on Drugs was a war that could not be won. This of course is very powerful because he uses his own experiences as evidence in the article.

Like any other war it has created its own industry. Legalization will provide our government with an accurate picture of the influences that drugs have on the United States and give control to the people to overcome its negative social and economical effects.

Ed Janice Neulieb, et al. The moment that drugs are legalized and available at low or no cost, the demand for drugs will decrease dramatically. The illegal drug trade would cease. The question should be: Moreover, in spite of all the seizures, drugs are still available to children in elementary school.

The fact is in the last ten or so years, drug use has not dropped even with increased federal spending on the drug war Ostrowski. Bennett is clearly on the side of keeping and enforcing banning and making narcotics illegal. Their most important belief is that without prohibition, drug use would drastically rise.

Wait a minute; do not American tax-payers already pay for drug education and treatment? Works Cited Bennett, William. In Police arrest 1.William Bennett's "Drugs: Should Their Sale and Use Be Legalized" targets the general American public into understanding the societal importance of upholding the nations show more content I've seen them in hospitals across the country" (Bennett ).

Should all drugs be legal? #LegalizeDrugs. #CrackDownOnDrugs. Instead of treating drugs as a criminal issue, it should be treated as a health care issue. Millions of people use drugs for a variety of reasons.

This means not everyone who wants drugs has access to drugs. If drugs were to be legalized and openly available, more people.

Bennett Assails Intellectuals on Legalized Drugs

Essay title: Drugs Should Their Use and Sale Be Legalized Drugs: Should Their Sale and Use Be Legalized? Within the last 50 years, drug legalization has been a 2/5(1). Jan 31,  · Legalize drugs and drug-related murder and crimes will diminish, the prison population will shrink, the inner cities will become safer to live, and then America will surely be the home of the free.

Should drugs be legalized? My answer is yes it should. Works Cited. Bennett, William. “Should Drugs be Legalized?” The Mercury Reader. William Bennett raises and answers this question in his essay “Should Drugs Be Legalized,” published in Readers Digest in Bennett is asking his audience, citizens of the United States, to keep fighting the drug war that our country is waging.

He gives, then counters, four reasons that legalizers think that drugs should to legal. First, if drugs are legalized, there will not be any profit for drug dealers. article "should drugs be legalized", which is written by William Benett, argues about the legalization of drugs.

According to the article drug should not be legalized because they have very harmful mental and physical affects on human beings.

Should drugs be legalized be william bennett
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