The 17 essential qualities of a team player essay

He perseveres even if he finds difficulties along the way. Being competent is another important quality. Team members should always be prepared. Response As I read this book from Maxwell, I remember my own journey as a member of a team. One possible effect of this is that a team player may feel that it would be impossible to display all of these qualities and instead just go about the usual way he relates with his team and his team mates.

The qualities that Maxwell presents include being adaptable. If we presented some invitational gimmicks that we thought would work great with the members of the community that we will be serving with, he replies with shrugs, frowns and outright criticism of what could go wrong.

The members of the team should also display commitment to the vision, the values and to working together[1]. His approach is to provide the qualities of an effective team player, then enumerate several stories to elucidate his point.

This way, a team member may be trusted to execute difficult tasks. If you want to have a better team, you have to develop better players. Being enthusiastic also helps the team a lot as this shows the motivation and good spirit of the individual and the whole team.

We were all excited with the task given us. As an intentional team player, the purpose of the team is always kept in mind and followed.

For some people, working with a team may come naturally, but for people who find it difficult to do so, he provides several tips and presents the qualities of successful team players.

A team member will always be in contact with team mates. Action Plan Mobilizing for action is necessary if I were to become an effective team player in my work and in my daily life. Not long after, the team started to be demoralized and we were running out of ideas.

The qualities Maxwell teaches quickly take you to the heart of teamwork. With competence, the team member can also become dependable. As such, being relational is very important.

Great team players, like great teams, are formed from the inside out. After that, he made a definite effort to keep quiet if he does not have a solid suggestion to make and even struggled to be solution-oriented. Food, some goodies or anything that could motivate me in working for the improvements in my life.

Maxwell s detailed descriptions and many examples are easy to understand and applicable whether at home, on the job, at church, or on the ball field. Assess my qualities as a team player.

John Maxwell’s The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player Essay

With these strategies, I know that before long, I will be able to display better behavior and qualities as a team player. Ask a friend or a colleague to be my accountability partner with my journey.

At least, we all agreed that he was teachable and willing to compromise with the rest of the team to achieve our goals for the mission work. That was when one of the team members—the one we designated as team captain talked to our team mate and explained the dilemma of the team.

How can a person ever hope to display all of these qualities of an effective team player? Except with one of the team members who happened to see all the difficulties and pointed out the flaws in the programs we were trying to come up with. I can list down my strengths and weaknesses at each quality that the author discussed.

If everyone on your team does it, there will be no holding you back. Mission conscious team players can help the team streamline its focus and dedicate energy towards what truly matters for the team. Some of them are simple enough while others will require commitment and humility from me.

Lastly, a team player understands and practices the importance of tenacity. This is a culmination of other qualities because preparedness really makes the difference between losing and winning in various situations. With all seventeen qualities presented by Maxwell, I will develop a score sheet that can help me determine my level of being an effective team player.

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The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player: Becoming the Kind of Person Every Team Wants [John C. Maxwell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Stating that great team players are developed from the inside out, an instructional resource identifies seventeen qualities that make up an in-demand team player while outlining /5(91).

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The 17 essential qualities of a team player essay
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