The election of 1828

United States presidential election, 1824

In other words, Democrat meant just what the word implied. On election day, in some places, Jackson men marched en masse to the polls, in a celebratory parade.

Read about the son of John Adams on this well-written and in-depth site presented by americanpresidents. Adams was attacked for living in "kingly pomp and splendor".

The election was as much a contest of favorite sons as it was a conflict over policy, although positions on tariffs and internal improvements did create some significant disagreements.

Below can be found a sound clip featuring "Hunters of Kentucky", a tune written by Samuel Woodsworth in under the title "The Unfortunate Miss Bailey". Calhoun was secretly very deeply involved with the most extreme anti-tariff men, the "Nullifiers".

He wanted lower tariffs and was in favor of only limited federal support for internal improvements. Adams won almost exactly the same states that his father had won in the election of Crawford, the secretary of the treasury.

He did appear at a New Orleans celebration of his victory over the British - the largest public demonstration ever in the US, and unsurpassed for many years. Problems playing this file? Webster recorded that Jefferson told him in December that Jackson was a dangerous man unfit for the presidency.

It includes "electoral college box scores" from until Results[ edit ] The presidential election marked the final collapse of the Republican-Federalist political framework.

Jackson, on the other hand, was intimately involved in organizing his campaign. Jackson was attacked as being uneducated and reckless. It even took a "corrupt bargain" to get Adams in office.

As a presidential candidate himself in he finished fourth in the electoral collegeClay had led some of the strongest attacks against Jackson. Considering the large numbers of candidates and strong regional preferences, it is not surprising that the results of the election of were inconclusive.

Nevertheless, when the Adams administration continued to favor a strong federal role in economic development, Jacksonians denounced their political enemies as using government favors to reward their friends and economic elites.

Southerners must have seen Jackson as the least of two evils against the Adams-Clay alliance.

United States presidential election, 1828

In addition, Adams picked up Maryland. Jackson walked a thin line on this matter, saying he was for a "judicious tariff" and getting some ridicule for this.

Shades of blue are for Jackson Democratic-Republicanshades of red are for Adams Democratic-Republicanshades of yellow are for Clay Democratic-Republicanand shades of green are for Crawford Democratic-Republican.

Rachel Jackson had heart pains all through Presidential candidate John C. With the breakdown of the congressional nominating caucus, legislatures convened state caucuses to nominate candidates. The Election and the "Corrupt Bargain" Henry Clay was thrice a candidate for the Presidency and the chief architect of the Compromise of which moved slavery to the forefront of Congressional debates.

Instead it was left to volunteer citizens and partisans to speak on their behalf. This arrangement, however, hardly proved beneficial for either Adams or Clay. The count was to 83 electoral votes, ortoelectoral votes. John Quincy Adams John Quincy Adams was the last President to serve before Andrew Jackson turned the American political process upside-down with his popular sovereignty.

Electoral College The people of the United States do not directly elect the president. She seemed to lose much of her will to live from what she knew of the vicious press attacks.

The Jacksonians, of course, overstated their case; after all, Jackson fell far short of a majority in the general vote in It was also the only election in which an electoral vote split occurred in Maine until the election of Despite Clay himself finishing last in the electoral college, his running-mate, Nathan Sanford actually finished second behind Calhoun in the vice presidential vote, mostly because nearly half of the electors pledged to Crawford voted for candidates other than his designated running-mate, Nathaniel Macon, with New York senator Martin Van Buren being the main beneficiary.

Calhoun was one of the candidates most directly involved through his participation in the publishing of the newspaper The Patriot as a member of the editorial staff.

1828 Presidential Election

He wanted high tariffs and supported federal funds for internal improvements. By this time, even the traditionally Federalist Adams family had come to terms with the Democratic-Republican Party.

Since no candidate received the required majority of electoral votes, the presidential election was decided by the House of Representatives see "Contingent election" below.

A caucus of Republicans in Congress had selected him, but this backing by party insiders turned out to be a liability as other candidates called for a more open process for selecting candidates.

Adams supported the National Bank. The outcome of the very close election surprised political leaders.The Presidential Election of between Andrew Jackson and incumbent, President John Quincy Adams was the one of most personally contentious election in the history of the United States.

The United States presidential election of was the tenth quadrennial presidential election, held from Tuesday, October 26, to Thursday, December 2, In an election contested by four members of the Democratic-Republican Party, no candidate won a majority of the electoral vote, necessitating a contingent election in the House of.

The presidential election, which pitted Major General Andrew Jackson against incumbent John Quincy Adams, has long been hailed as a watershed moment in American political history/5(42).

Andrew Jackson A brief biography The Presidential Election. The presidential election was one of the dirtiest ever, and Jackson believed, with some reason, that his wife Rachel was driven to an early grave by charges of immorality.

The United States presidential election of featured a rematch between John Quincy Adams, now incumbent President, and Andrew Jackson. As incumbent Vice President John C. Calhoun had sided with the Jacksonians, the National Republicans led by Adams, chose Richard Rush as Adams' running mate.

The United States presidential election of was the 11th quadrennial presidential election, held from Friday, October 31, to Tuesday, December 2, It featured a re-match of the election, as President John Quincy Adams of the National Republican Party faced Andrew Jackson of the nascent Democratic Party.

The election of 1828
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