The us government should put an end to hazing in universities

Organizations should consider multiple solutions to solving problems and use campus and organizational resources to increase their creativity. Take Advantage of Campus Resources The University of Rochester provides resources to foster leadership development on campus.

In some cases, the position is eliminated altogether. Hazing Prevention Ways to Stop Hazing Even a single member has the opportunity to create an atmosphere that eliminates hazing.

Consider the activities you create as part of a new tradition for future members. The best way to stop hazing before it starts is to employ student affairs experts who stay engaged on the topic both on campus and nationally.

Each year, administrators should ask student affairs leaders about hazing prevention efforts. As college and university presidents know all too well, it is virtually impossible for one individual or institution to truly and completely prevent hazing.

The complexity of the issue is illustrated by research, which has confirmed that rites of passage are an important step on the road to developing identity. First, you must have talented student affairs professionals, especially the chief student affairs officer.

Should Colleges Get Rid of Fraternities?

So the essence of the question remains: Develop a Chapter Anti-Hazing Policy In additional to University of Rochester and your national organizational regulations, create and distribute an anti-hazing policy for your chapter.

Be Willing to Amend Traditions The same education methods may not work for every new member class. If this could happen to me, it could happen to just about anyone. With hazing regularly in the headlines in recent years, perhaps it was inevitable that I, in my current role as a college president, would be taken to court for an alleged hazing incident on my own campus.

I wish I could simply provide a list of actions that would eliminate hazing on your campus. If a student is hospitalized, contact from the president is essential.

Several years ago, author Hank Nuwer argued that colleges and universities should not even attempt to adjudicate hazing cases, and should instead turn them over to local authorities.

That is what makes it one of the most frustrating and enduring challenges facing our institutions. The first priority should be the student or students affected; our first concern has to be for their health and well-being. It will probably always be with us, along with underage drinking and academic dishonesty.

If the incident is severe enough, the president must make the call. What can be done to prevent such a crisis? Often these offices are moved under academic affairs. In addition, Fraternity and Sorority Affairs is available to discuss strategies for change and ways to improve the new member program.

Give Members Time to Reflect Their Actions Members in a high-pressure hazing situation are more likely to think irrationally and act in demeaning ways.

Share Ideas With Other Organizations Talk with members of other organizations to discuss hazing-related incidents and strategies to reduce hazing. The RCCL hosts student leadership workshops that can be incorporated into the new member education program. Planning pledging activities in advance and allowing members to understand and discuss their role in the proceedings reduces the possibility of making poor, hasty decisions.

I expect many would hesitate to heed this advice, given that police involvement often leads to negative media attention. If these actions are taken, campuses can minimize the problems and tragedies that hazing can cause.

The specter of hazing has touched much of my career in academe, from working in Greek life to serving as a chief student affairs officer.

Hazing Prevention

So what do you do if you have one? Devastating budget cuts in recent years have reduced student affairs staffs and resources. By creating an atmosphere where new members can discuss their experiences with existing members without punishment, members will find fewer opportunities to haze.

This is a mistake. In addition, every college and university should periodically review its hazing-related protocols, including investigations and sanctions. Hazing has existed in American higher education since the mids.

The key is to set a strong tone from the top, provide constant and comprehensive education, and levy strong discipline as appropriate. Even if you determine that police should take the lead, the administration should still try to find out what happened, if for no other reason than to be better informed for next time.

Even a single member who speaks out against hazing can encourage others to do the same.Anti-hazing information from Fraternity and Sorority Affairs in the College of Arts, Sciences and Engineering at the University of Rochester. About Us; Services; StopHazing Staff; StopHazing Newsletter; Research.

National Hazing Study: Hazing in View Hazing on School Campuses: What Parents and Students Need To Know. As it can sometimes be hard to understand what constitutes hazing behaviors, website has additional resources with reflective.

Aug 02,  · Alexander put it this way: “Eric and John and I have kind of become experts in something we never wanted to become an expert in.” Let’s End Hazing Deaths Now; The two universities Author: Sarah Brown.

List of hazing deaths in the United States

American University expelled 18 students associated with an underground fraternity in a move that experts on hazing said was unheard of. Universities Take Aim at Underground Fraternities to. House Education committee chairman calls the bill the "educational component" of the state's push to end hazing.

Organizations at colleges and universities would also have to report to schools. Join us and the Clery Center for a Hazing Education Briefing on 7/25! Hazing Prevention Consortium.

Dr. Elizabeth Allan testifies to the Senate HELP Committee. Last Name. From the Blog. Clery Center and StopHazing Launch Hazing Prevention Toolkit for Campus Professionals.

The us government should put an end to hazing in universities
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