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Current will still be flowing through the wreck, but here it is much easier to manage. Notes and some images from the search programme are available through the link below: This work is aimed at benefitting the diving community, in helping you visualise and understand complex wreck sites.

The wreck is intact, but very fragile. Boat skippers and dive centres can provide details of local accommodation. The wreck is heavily encrusted with plentiful fish life. Specific sonar-derived measurements cited in comparison with Thesis wreck scotland from diver survey.

A slack water dive. The sidescan imagery clearly illustrates the holes in the deck where heavy objects notably winches have fallen into Thesis wreck scotland interior.

Boulders, crevices, and a steep slope to 50 metres on the outer side provide an interesting scenic dive. The general dry cargo ship is typical of the type and period, and broadly similar to the nearby Shuna NM54NE and Hispania NM55SEwhich were built in and respectively.

In the event, the total planned length of the vessel was measured as within 0. Starting to move toward the stern the ribs of the ship become exposed. The chain locker is distinct toward bow. She was an iron steamship, dimensions Diver Magazine - Much of superstructure removed also. See the small ads at the back for contact details.

The wreck is lying at 90 degrees to the shore with its bows pointing to shore. Additional surveys were carried out planning the remaining hull plates on the forward section of the ship.

However, comparison of specific measurements from sidescan imagery and diver survey reveals a degree of discrepancy. Admiralty ChartSound of Mull. Shoals of fish can often be seen on this wreck, as can wrasse and conger eels. Nitrox and trimix fills are blended to suit your diving requirements by trained gas blenders, so you get the perfect mix….

Searching the Sound Many of the dive sites listed have been illustrated with sonar images acquired by Lochaline Dive Centre. The ship is still reasonably intact and there is a route between the keel and the rock face at about 27 metres.

I doubt whether the wreck has been wire-swept. The Lochaline Dive Centre currently runs a visitor scheme enabling sport divers to dive on the wreck.

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Location cited as N56 About 4 hours after hitting the reef, the Thesis slipped beneath the surface of the Sound in approximately feet of water. The Sound of Mull had lured another vessel to its doom. The history, sinking and dive details of the Thesis are described in much greater detail in the book Dive Scotland's Greatest Shipwrecks.

List of shipwrecks in 1873

Oct 10,  · The Thesis was an iron built cargo vessel constructed in Belfast by McIlwain, Lewis and Co. and launched in January. SS Thesis was a steamship which was wrecked in October in the Sound of Mull, on Scotland's west coast.

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She is now a popular dive site with scuba divers. RCAHMS description of wreck Coordinates. This Scottish history-related article Fate: Wrecked 16 October The Thesis hit a reef at Innimore Point in bad weather, sinking four hours later once the crew had abandoned ship.

Thesis: Rubha An Ridire, Sound Of Mull

Inside the wreck are four holds which have a cargo of iron. The hull is mostly just a skeleton, but the wheel house is in tact. The wreck of the Thesis rests upright on her keel on a sloping shingle seabed, with her bows at 20 metres and her stern at about 32 metres.

Dive sites & diving in the Sound of Mull. A two day dive trip will be enough for divers to experience the main wreck sites, Hispania, Shuna, Thesis, Rondo and Breda, and some of the scenic & drift dives.

and although she is gradually disintegrating with time, she remains one of Scotland’s finest wreck dives.

Dive sites & diving in the Sound of Mull

The amount of marine.

Thesis wreck scotland
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