Turkeys on strike writing a book

The storyline is great and I loved that the turkey came away a winner! My kids loved building their turkeys using the die-cut shapes my wonderful parent volunteer cut out for us. The illustrations are beautiful, the competition is exciting, and there is a very interesting twist when they turkeys decide how to treat a cheating friend.

We do it all the time. I encourage them to sketch lightly, just in case they want to erase. We always begin our directed drawing lesson with pencils. They help to build strength in those little hands. We made cute little turkeys and used watercolors to paint them when we were done drawing.

5 Stories and Activities for Thanksgiving

Here are some other Thanksgiving ideas from my Top Teaching blog post: After finishing their artwork, my students had fun writing about their cute, colorful turkeys.

They trace over all pencil markings and when they are done with that step, they get out their watercolors and start bringing their drawings to life. Stories with a math theme are the best. This dice game will help students with number sense and I promise you, your kids will love it!

Roll-a-Turkey Dice games are a favorite in my class. Bear is the epitome of what a good friend is, and I love sharing this sweet story with my kids during the Thanksgiving holiday season. When my students have more confidence in their ability to draw, they are less inhibited to draw pictures to go with their writing.

I recommend using watercolor paper instead of construction paper — it is thicker and holds up a lot better. The illustrations are beautiful and my kids love that there are so many rhyming words. I get so excited when I can incorporate literacy into my math lessons.

Roll-A-Turkey is a fun game your students can play in a math center or with a friend. We have lots of discussion about things we are thankful for.

Turkeys - Common Core Non-fiction Unit {Thanksgiving Reading and Writing}

Thankful Writing November is a perfect time to focus on being thankful. Just before we built our turkeys, I decided to make the task a little more challenging by teaching a quick mini-lesson on symmetry. This kid gets symmetry.Turkeys - Common Core Non-fiction Unit {Thanksgiving Reading and Writing} Preview.

Subject. Writing, Thanksgiving, Informational Text. Grade Levels. 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd, Homeschool. Resource Type. Informational Writing Printable Book (4 pages) Bulletin Board Student Writing Page (3 pages)4/5().

Of course turkeys would be on strike this time of year!

Turkeys on Strike- Thanksgiving Creative Writing

My little ones made these adorable turkeys who are trying to convince people to "Save a Turkey! We had brainstormed describing words before completing this activity and we focused on writing complete sentences.

I love this. Thank you! Do you know a book that can go along with this. The Paperback of the Turkeys Strike Out: and other fun facts by Hannah Eliot, Aaron Spurgeon | at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more! Get a Free 3-month Pandora Premium Subscription ; 10% Off Your Order with code GET10 ; Summer Game Nights Book Graph ™ Discover.

Turkey Strike [Diana Fitzmaurice] on mint-body.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Life is good for the turkeys on the Douglas Farm. They have good friends, bright sunshine, and above all else lots of food.

Thanksgiving is approaching fast so Solomon5/5(1). Turkeys are sick and tired of being eaten for Thanksgiving Day dinner.

This Thanksgiving, the turkeys are on strike and will try and convince you to eat something else for Thanksgiving Day dinner. Students pretend to be turkeys and write a persuasive short story to convince you to. First Grade Smiles: Turkeys on Strike!

"Top 3 Reasons why you should eat ______ for Thanksgiving instead of turkey". We had brainstormed describing words before completing this activity and we focused on writing complete sentences.

Turkeys on strike writing a book
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