Typhoon sendong in the philippines

Save the Childrena London -based non-government organisation, estimated more than half of those affected were children. There is some truth to that, for we do try to switch off on the field to an extent.

Once you decide that it is a significant event that needs to be covered and is feasible for you as a journalist to do so, you then move onto logistics wherein you Typhoon sendong in the philippines maps and the proximity of the areas you would want to cover.

Storms that develop in each basin, such as the western Pacific and the Atlantic, are given names after reaching a minimum strength of 39 mph or higher. I was fortunate enough to have adequate savings, supportive parents and selfless friends and colleagues in the area to help me shoulder the costs of being there.

Every move you make costs money — plane fare, accommodation, transportation, food. The Philippine National Police is still conducting rescue and retrieval operations to look for survivors. He declared a state of national disaster, a move intended to release greater funding, and ordered the speedy restoration of power and drinking water supplies in all affected villages.

What are the challenges you had to face while covering? The government last week announced a day truce. An official of the British-based Christian relief and development organisation World Vision said people were fighting for space at evacuation centres.

President Benigno Aquino is due to visit the two cities on Tuesday. Cagayan de Oro and Iligan were struggling to prevent disease from spreading in evacuation centres, with construction proceeding quickly of burial vaults and plots in public cemeteries to bury decomposing bodies.

How was it and do you think it is more effective as stills or the same? That is not allowed any more," Levi Villarin, city health officer, told Reuters.

There actually is lot of preparation done in the quickest possible time involved whenever there is a disaster to be covered.

Video does create enormous impact especially when done well. But most of us do try to take good care of them as much as possible, especially the ones we own personally. Meanwhile, people died during the massive floods in Thailand from June to November.

Dominador Aquino, police deputy director for eastern Mindanao, said they are not losing hope of finding survivors. There could be some families completely washed out and perished. More than 10, houses were damaged by the typhoon and the flash floods, of which nearly a third were ruined.

Tropical Storm Washi actually has two names.

Typhoon Sendong recovery efforts begin in Philippines

The biggest challenge for me personally was the emotional aspect of the job. The Philippines actually named this storm Sendong. It is not always the case so it is mandatory to learn how to gather information on your own instead of relying on others for it. People were swept out to sea while others were buried alive in mudslides due to the higher elevation in the area.

4 Facts About Typhoon Sendong

Where were you when Sendong happened and how were you able to get there? Iligan has started burying truckloads of bodies, with some family members or residents of the same villages entombed in a single sepulchre.The Philippines actually named this storm Sendong.

It is important to note that the media will reference Sendong as “Washi”, which is the official name of the storm in the western Pacific. For less confusion, we will call this storm “Washi” for the remainder of this post. Typhoon Sendong (aka Typhoon Washi) left more than dead this weekend as flash floods hammered the Philippines.

There are also more than people missing in the wake of Typhoon Sendong. Philippine President Benigno Aquino orders an investigation into national disaster, wonders if violations of logging ban exacerbated Typhoon Sendong damages. REUTERS/Erik De Castro Food and medicine is distributed to victims of Typhoon Sendong (aka Typhoon Washi) in.

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATE) - Tropical storm 'Sendong' (international name Washi) is the world's deadliest storm this year, latest data shows.

I was in Iligan City when Typhoon Sendong (international name: Washi) happened in December 17, Although, me and my family were not directly affected by the typhoon, we were about 5 to 8 kilometers away from the center of devastation.

Tropical Storm Washi

The heavy rain started the night before, December Typhoon Hits Northern Philippines | Catholic Relief ServicesICA Best In America Seal. · Charity Watch Top-Rated.

Typhoon sendong in the philippines
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