White paper on hr audit

Mid-August Download Now Comprehensive Legal-Issues Training for Supervisors This White Paper will explain how to implement a training program that will help your supervisors spot legal White paper on hr audit before they become serious issues.

You Can Handle the Truth! How to Make It Work Learn how to create and implement an effective progressive discipline policy. August How to Combat Workplace Violence Learn how to spot potential problem employees early and effectively combat violence in the workplace.

March Download Now Downsizing: Fashion Statement or Too Sexy for the Job? October Download Now Preparing for Natural Disasters and Other Bad Stuff This white paper will help you develop a crisis management plan, outlining what you should do before, during, and after a disaster.

On the surface, the handbook is a how-to manual for administering leave, applying discipline, and complying with employment laws. November Giving Thanks: Our Currently Featured White Paper March Download Now Corporate Ethics: This white paper will show you exactly what to look for and how to spot red flags in resumes.

October Download Now Politics in the Workplace: Learn how to legally accommodate your "expecting" employees with this free whitepaper. From communicating the employer brand to utilizing the latest technology trends, this download has you covered.

Browse through our collection to find guidance addressing your current challenges.

Lay the Groundwork Disciplining or terminating an employee is a difficult enough task without having to worry about costly legal repercussions, yet the list of dangers that employers face in firing employees is seemingly endless.

This report is a great refresher to help you during this time. Each white paper offers news and advice for building and maintaining a productive and legally compliant workplace. How to Navigate the Tricky Intersection of Religion, Celebration, and Bonuses Learn how to help your workforce enjoy the holidays while respecting traditional and religious beliefs with the free White Paper, Holidays in the Workplace.

Employee Handbook Cookbook A well-written, up-to-date employee handbook or policy manual is an incredible resource for every workplace.

This behavior is referred to as "presenteeism".

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Pandemics and H1N1 Influenza Policy! Employment Issues and Legislation Learn how six pieces of post-election legislation will directly impact the way you do business.

December Download Now Critical HR Recordkeeping This exclusive special report covers hiring records, employment relationships, termination records, litigation issues, electronic information issues, tips for better recordkeeping, and a list of legal requirements.

Download this free chart for a helpful overview. Learn how to fashion and enforce a legally sound dress code policy that works for your organization with this all-new HR Hero White Paper. Effective Techniques for HR and Supervisors Learn how to master the written word and produce written documentation that will hold up in court.

Get it Right from Top to Bottom This HR Hero white paper will explain the importance of a corporate code of ethics, and how to establish and implement an ethics program.

September Download Now Business Writing: March Download Now Employment Law Guide The push for same-sex partner benefits in the workplace is gaining momentum Obama recently extended benefits to same-sex partners of federal employeesEFCA could rear its ugly head after Congress passes health care reform.

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September Download Now Firing: March Welcome Home: February Download Now Holidays in the Workplace: May Download Now Employee handbook helper: Getting It Right from Termination to Engaging the Survivors Learn how to downsize with the sensitivity and documentation necessary to help your organization recover in a troubled economy.

June Download Now Health Care Outlook for Employers Find out what to expect from the Obama administration when it comes to health care and legislation impacting your health-benefit policies.

Yet, the handbook can be even more. Solis was confirmed as the Secretary of Labor. Follow the tips and tricks outlined in this free special report to help organizational leaders and managers reach their potential in becoming excellent leaders.

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Download today and get access to guidance on 21 key HR training topics. These include, among others, changes in the HR profession, strategies for branding and recruiting, trends in performance management, keeping high-potential employees HiPos engaged, and diversity and inclusion as a business strategy.

December Progressive Discipline: This whitepaper will help prepare you to deal with such issues.A White Paper On Industry Trends.

Strategic Human Resources and Sarbanes-Oxley Page 3 of 9 Successful Sarbox Audits In preparing for the audit, HR is able to quickly respond to information requests and document all processes related to material information.

Were the HR department. + Insurance & HR + Services + Employee Benefits. Benefits Cost Containment Strategy White Papers + News. Press Releases; CBIZ MHM Business Tax Planning Supplement (white paper) Individual Tax Planning Guide (white paper) Exit Strategy and Succession Planning.

HR Audit: A Nonprofit HR Solutions White Paper By: Sidney Abrams Senior HR Consultant, Nonprofit HR Solutions May Introduction Do you lie awake at night thinking about questions such as.

HR Audit: May Page 3 These examples point to the significance and importance of compliance. HR compliance means knowing the laws that apply to your organization, developing policies to support the laws and. Request your free white papers on topics including FLSA audits, HR audits, outsourcing HR, critical HR policies, and reviewing employee handbooks.

Human Resources Industry Whitepaper – June Conducting an HR Audit Do you know whether your Human Resource practices are helping, hindering or having little impact on we are pleased to allow our white papers to be reprinted.

However, when reprinting this article.

White paper on hr audit
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