Writing a letter of complaint to vodafone

Please do not force such measures upon me. I find it unacceptable that when there is a fault in the system, the paying customer has to spend more money in order to sort it out. She apologized and said that she would be dealing with this, but would need some time as she did not know anything about the case.

Follow the guide above and stick it back to The Man. The morning it turned up I was like a little boy at Christmas, all exited and red faced. When I asked for my deposit back, they said they can only give it in 45 days, since that is the "cycle". I called again on February 2nd.

Vodafone was my Morrissey and I was a young Russell Brand, all gushing with enthusiasm and gusto, but with sexual tension replaced with texts free every month.

At this point, I got a little mad and decided to try a tactic that I often use when dealing with computers — press any old button until you confuse the machine and are transferred to someone with a pulse.

But the way our big companies manage to cock something up then display a complete inability to rectify it, is often astounding. I will also be circulating this letter around the popular press, including all major UK television channels.

I immediately called Kim back, who immediately appeared on the defensive. I find it wholly unacceptable the a telephone operator can not be reached by telephone. Following ten minutes of entirely useless advice, I hung up and chose another option, trying to alter my card details through the ridiculous automated process.

I loath writing Nick, it real gets to me, but on this occasion I have to. A breakthrough of such magnificent proportions it felt like I had won the lottery.

This is straight away a customer harrasment. In this course of time the billing due date is completed and now our phone is not working. It looked like a well organized letter bomb. Jenna Bird had escalated me to a man called Paul Bolton, and this is where it gets interesting Nick.

How to write the best letter of complaint

So, rather than transfer me to an advisor, the machine hung up.Best Ever Complaint Letters | A lengthy rant of a complaint letter to Nick Read, the CEO of Vodafone about being passed from pillar to post by the customer relations department.

Long, but worth reading right to its very funny ending.

Vodafone — Complaint Letter to vodafone

NTL: Trying to Get Connected. How to write an effective complaint letter. Share this page. Facebook; Twitter; Linked-In; Use this sample letter and these tips to write an effective complaint: You could use this sample letter and these tips to write a complaint letter to send to the business or contact your local consumer protection office.

If the business has a. Dec 18, | Complaint Letters, Telecoms | 6 | To the good people at Vodafone customer services; I’ve been on a Vodafone pay-as-you-go plan since they first came out.

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Escalating a complaint?

Never address your letter to an anonymous customer services or complaints department. Get the name of someone reasonably senior - a second in command is a good place to start.

How to write an effective complaint letter

For instance, write to the finance director of the company you are complaining to (his name is probably on the company's website). Anybody knows to whom and to what adress should I send a formal complaint to Vodafone before making a formal complaint with ComReg? thx for help. Menu; Basket; Business site; Basket; Shop My Account Support Business site The official procedure is to write a letter to: The Office the Director of Customer and Channel Management Vodafone.

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Writing a letter of complaint to vodafone
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